How To Choose a Best Baby Crib mattress

Are you soon-to-be parents? Are you are overwhelmed by the baby shopping? If yes! Then surely you will be looking for the best stuff for your baby. There is no need to worry about; we will solve your problem about one of the most essential parts of your baby shopping, i.e., the “Baby Crib Mattress” and  will make sure that you get your hands on the best baby crib mattress for your little one. It is the most vital part of your baby shopping, and therefore it requires a serious consideration before buying.

Having the baby cribs mattress will not only serve your baby well, but it will also give you mental satisfaction and peace. We know for a fact that after being a parent, the most important thing is to make sure your baby is as safe as possible and with reliable products that will not harm your baby’s health or rest.

According to researchers, babies and toddlers sleep for almost 18 hours a day and children from age 3 to 5 spend around 12 hours a day on the bed. In that case, it is very important for babies and children to have a safe, comfortable sleeping mattress. A Recent study of American Academy of Pediatrics shows that due to lack of information, many parents put their babies in an unhealthy sleeping environment.

It is very important to get the crib mattress for your baby’s nursery because your baby will sleep in a crib for three years and for that you need to be very careful about making the right choice. A good quality crib mattress provides a comfortable sleep throughout the night, and it also helps in promoting healthy growth and safety of your baby.

In this article, we will provide a complete knowledge about how to select the safest crib mattress, its importance, different types, the sizes and security measures. We will give details on every aspect of a baby crib mattress that will let you make a wise purchase for your baby. Therefore, don’t go anywhere because we know how much you are curious about your baby, and so are we.

This guide is developed after an extensive research covering the different aspects of your curiosity so that you can save your shopping time as well as you are mentally satisfied with your purchase. There are many important considerations before you start buying, so let’s flow with the information below:

Why choose a good quality crib mattress?

When there are several choices in the market so why to think about the one which has the best quality and comfort? Why spend more money on the baby mattress that is readily available in stores at low prices as well? The answer to such queries is that you can compromise on various things but not on your baby’s health and safety.

Having a good quality crib mattress not just serves your baby’s comfort and sleep, but it also supports the growth of their gentle bones. In case you’re looking for the safest crib mattress, you need to know that The National Institute of Child Health & human Development states in their report that “using a hard mattress instead of a soft mattress is one of the key factors in helping prevent SIDS.” Do you know what exactly means by SIDS and how it can happen? Let me give you a short detail about SIDS.

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

It is the sudden and inexplicable death of toddler under age of one year; it is also known as cribs death. A recent study states that women often portrays toddler sleeping on their stomach and their sides, which is very unhealthy and unsafe sleeping position. Putting your infant sleeping on a soft surface or loose bedding also depicts the unsafe sleeping position.

According to Doctor Margaret Solomon, the crib should be free of fluffy blankets, pillows, stuffed toys and cushion pads to keep your baby safe and sound. You can dress up the nursery for your infant as much as you want but keep the above things far from the cribs.

SIDS death most often happens when the infants are between two or four months, and it is also seen as the leading cause of death in toddlers between one month and one year.

The studies suggest that always put your infants to sleep on a solid firm mattress, and do not let them sleep on soft cushions, pillows, blankets, couch, sheepskins, waterbeds and foam pads. Always make sure that the surface on which you put the baby to sleep is breathable because the baby doesn’t possess the strength to push away the face from something that makes it difficult to breathe in the air.

Some important considerations

Babies are very delicate and required great care and attention. Every nursery decision should be made after a proper research and knowledge to avoid any hassle in future. As discussed at the start of the article, the baby crib mattress is often very important to your baby because he will spend about 70% of his time in the crib. (Also see

There are following some essential considerations that you should keep in mind if you are looking for the best baby crib mattress:

Mattresses with crib sizes

The most vital part of the mattress and crib is its size. In the United States, the government has regulated a standardized mattress and crib size for the safety of the baby and their parent’s peace of mind. The dimensions for the baby mattress itself depends on the interior size of its crib. The CPSC (The United States Consumer Safety Commission) has described the interior crib dimensions to have a “plus or minus” acceptance from the standard size of 28×52 3/8 inches of length. The actual minimum size of the mattress is 27 ¼” width x 51 ¼” length, and it should not be thicker than 6″ inches.

Gap between the mattress & crib sides

The gap between these two can seriously create a risk of suffocation, that is why there should not be a gap more than 1.25″ between the edge of the mattress and the frame. A common phrase used to measure it is “not more than two fingers, ” but it is not the correct way to decide, 1.25″ is the accurate measurement.

The depth of a US compliance standard mattress size is no more than 6” from top to bottom.

Firmness with support

Whenever it comes to baby’s health and development, we always want a good crib mattress that can provide an ideal support. The main reason for this is to reduce the risk of SIDS. The CPSC strongly recommends a substantial firm, flat surface to prevent SIDS. A soft surface can create suffocation whether it is due to overheating or getting face stuck down.

A soft mattress doesn’t provide proper support, the baby could roll over onto their stomach and unable to get back over because of the mattress that has indented under them. Always check the mattress for the right amount of firmness and support for your baby.


Mattresses are made of memory foam which is a special dense form of polyurethane, and they can weigh up to 20 pounds. Generally, any mattress that has 10 to 20 pounds weight will be good enough for you and the baby.

Compliance standards

There are certain compliance standards that all cribs mattresses should meet. Different standards are set to mean for some different purposes, let me give you a short introduction to some very common standards so that you will not feel any inconvenience when buying the best baby mattress.

  • All mattresses must need to comply the federal flammability standard of 16 CFR 1632 and 1633
  • CertiPUR-US® certified standard is must to comply for foam mattress which will verify the material used in the foam for the durability and safety
  • The GREENGUARD certification is for the assurance of the product that it will meet the strict chemical emissions limits and will contribute to a healthier environment
  • For purchasing an organic mattress, you must need to check whether it has been certified by the GOTS standard or not


Always look for the quality of whatever crib mattress you are using. The best baby crib mattress has the best quality. Quality ranges with differences in prices. As the prices go up the coverings, tend to be denser, puncture-resistant and very fine organic cotton. A mattress that costs you from $90-$200 will generally serve better. Prices for different types of mattresses are comparable and in the range from $50 – $400 or may be high.

The most expensive mattresses are made up of organic cotton or with the natural latex. The mattresses with less prices could be soft and delicate. High price mattresses tend to be more firm and reliable with excellent support to your baby.

Price range

As discussed above in the Quality section of this article, a best quality mattress will cost you more but with mental peace and comfort of your baby. While the cheaper prices mattresses come with low or average quality and it can be harmful for your child’s health.

Here one thing to consider is that high prices doesn’t always means the better quality, and sometimes we just pay for the extra features. There are some manufacturers that are making cribs mattress for a long time, and they have conducted various quality tests that even the best quality mattress has the lowest price.


There’s nothing that you would prefer over your little one’s comfort. We can be easily agreed to pay higher prices just if we are assured that our baby will feel comfortable in the mattress and will have a peaceful sleep. Babies can sleep on anything, whenever they are tired they just lay down on anything and can go to sleep but they cannot share their sleeping experience with us, nor they can tell you what they are facing during sleep.

Being parent, it’s our responsibility to take great care of our infant’s comfort when they are at sleep. The firmness of a mattress is always ideal for the babies but you can have a double side mattress as well depending upon the use of mattress.


Just think for a while if your child is sleeping in the blanket in his crib and the room got too hot so what will happen? This is another cause of SIDS because most probably they will start to overheat and will sweat.

It is a very important aspect to keep in mind. Always check for such a mattress that is breathable and your baby doesn’t feel any harder to take the air. A breathable mattress material lets the baby to breathe easily even if his face is pressed up against it.

Always buy new

Yes, always go for the new crib mattress for your baby, never buy a used one because there are certain complications and issues in the used mattress. Always make sure the mattress is hygienic. The problem with used mattress is you don’t know for sure how long it has been used and how it was cared or stored. If you stored the mattress improperly, so there is a chance that mold can grow on the surface along with bacteria. One more thing, If the mattress had not cleaned up properly so the liquid from diaper leakage or spit-up gives rise to bacteria.

If you buy a new mattress for your baby and you keep it clean and properly store, you can use it for your next child as well, but only if you stored it properly and in the dry environment with its firmness.

Brief explanation why you buy new mattress

Never buy a mattress until you find the right information from the manufacturer. Always check the label on the mattress from the manufacturer, check the website for specification and description. According to law, the manufacturer is required to list the material on the label that is used in the production of mattress. Whether you are buying online or shopping in the stores, you should know about the mattress features that are available. The best label contains all the information and components of a mattress by layer.


As you all know that your baby is going to poop or pee on the mattress, so  you should buy the mattress that is waterproof. Because molds will appear in few days, hence to avoid the appearance of mold always look for the waterproof mattress or you can buy a waterproof cover as well but remember it should be machine washable.

Must be flame resistant

It is must for all the brands to comply the Government Flammability Standards. Nowadays Chlorinated Tris (TDCPP) is used which is a natural flame retardant, but it has been found that it is cancer causing and absorbent through the skin.


Your baby will spend most of the time on the mattress so it is necessary to make sure the mattress is made up of safe material that is not harmful to the baby skin. For this purpose, the GREENGUARD certification must be checked which shows the measurement of chemical emissions from the mattress.

Organic content

Most parents are in a favor of “Going Green”. If you are one of them, you will find many options for cribs mattress that have been labeled as “natural” or “organic.” Sometimes the organic might mean the cotton that has been used on the covering may be grown organically, but there is no guarantee, so you might want to do a little research while looking for the best organic crib mattress.

When buying the best mattress for baby, you need to know two things off the bat: you are going to pay more for an organic mattress, but most of the cribs mattresses are not made of organic material and hence contains steel and plastic. A mattress that has the organic cushions or covers at some point gives a peace of mind to parents, but organic cotton covers are not waterproof.

Organic mattress has not been tested yet so at this stage we cannot say whether it is safer for your baby or not.

As we are done with some important considerations that you need to take care of before confirming a purchase, now we will look through the types of baby cribs mattress that are present in the market. At this stage, I am sure that now your confusions have been handled, but there is still more to know. So, don’t be panic just relax because we know that how it feels when the baby is coming to the house, and you are so keen to shop for your up-coming baby.  We are happy for the baby as well, and we don’t -want you to make any un-wise purchase for the little guest.

Let’s flow with the article stay with us for more information!

Types of cribs mattress

There are the following three types of baby cribs mattress in the market. Let’s have a look at each of them:

Foam mattress

The foam crib mattress is one of the popular and lightest choices. These mattresses are available in a variety of depths and are made of polyurethane. It is cheaper than the rest of two types. It is easy to clean and you can easily change the sheets without any hustle.

Weight and thickness

The thickness is measured between 3 and 6 inches. The high-density polyurethane foam core should hold 1.5 pounds/cubic foot. The core will be considered heavier if it holds more pounds per cubic foot. The lower number pounds per cubic will represent the soft core.

In general, foam mattresses are light-weight and typically weighs between 8 to 13 pounds.

Firmness of the foam

Generally, foams are not considered to be solid. They used to be squishy and all we want our mattress to be firm and resilient. An easy way to check the resilience and mattress firmness is to press your hand on them, and it should get back readily and shouldn’t conform to your hands shape. Always make sure the surface is not too soft because it can lead to the risk of SIDS.

Identify the edge

Always check for the correct size of mattress and bed. If the mattress is small for the crib so it will create an issue, you can figure it out by the two-finger test. Small mattress can lead to a situation that the baby may roll to the edge and the edge can fold causing the baby trapped in between the crib and mattress.


Foams are quite durable but over the years, there is a chance that it can leave indents, can wear out or collapse. So, it is very important to look at the durability of the mattress and consider the foam thickness or density in high measures.

Innerspring mattress

An innerspring mattress is not that much famous as compared to the foam mattress because of its heaviness and high price. This is because of high coil count and the positioning of coils very close to one another causing a firm surface. Innerspring mattresses have border wires that keep the edges away from each other.

The coils in these mattresses are covered with foam, are padded and fabric. If you want a better-quality mattress, simply follow the general rule: The more the layers in the mattress with better quality, the better will be the mattress.

Firmness/ solidity

The innerspring firmness totally depends on the number of coils inside the mattress and the density of gauge steel. The lowest innerspring mattress has less than 80 coils while the one with high price has more than 280 coils. There is one thing more, a model with 150 coils could be more solid than the one with 200 coils. What? Is that possible? Here’s the trick, if the gauge of the steel in 150 coils are thicker than the steel in 200 coil mattresses, in that case, it will make it firmer.

Strong edge

Innerspring mattresses provide strong outstanding edge support. The edges are enclosed in a coil that prevents the mattress from sag when your baby walks near the edge or stands over the edge. It is one of the great features of innerspring mattress that makes it durable and quality product.

Cushion layers

The layer above the coil in the mattress is the cushioning and has been made of foam or polyester, sometimes from cotton as well. Both the foam and cotton are the symbol for quality and they are added to the price. As compared to foam and cotton, polyester is less expensive.


Innerspring mattresses are durable and comfy but the only flaw that has been found is that if they are not vinyl, you  cannot easily clean them. Inside these mattresses there are springs that are used to keep the mattress firm, comfortable and long-lasting. There are very few chances of springs damage.

Organic Crib mattress

Babies and kids are frequently exposed to chemicals and most chemicals are not tested for the degree of toxicity to babies and kids, so it is recommended that you should keep baby safe from any possible exposure. There are chemicals involved in the cribs and mattress material and you might be looking for the healthy natural baby crib mattress.

Price and hygiene

When it comes to price, the organic crib mattress is the most expensive one  as compared to the innerspring and foam mattress. The reason behind the high price is the healthy materials that have been used in the manufacturing. The organic material i.e. usually cotton eradicates the harmful chemicals and allergens that are used in the foam mattresses.

If your child is prone to allergy, so there are the chances it can harm your baby as well. So, paying a high price for healthier and safer environment for your baby should not be a big deal.

What materials are used in organic?

Organic crib mattresses are made with all natural organic materials such as cotton, wool, food-grade polymers, plant-based foam, coconut fibers and natural latex. These mattresses are innerspring, foam or any other mattress. It is hard to conclude a mattress that is stuffed with coconut husk fibers.

Filling material

Organic cotton is used for the filling of baby cribs mattress as it is natural, toxic free and breathable. Cotton does not release toxic fumes if ignited (like polyurethane foam).

Wool is naturally a moisture and fire resistant, that’s why it is commonly used in mattresses for filling the purpose. Wool is an outstanding bedding material but for some reasons, it can be allergic and the chances are your baby might be allergic to wool.

Latex (natural rubber) is also used as filling for cribs mattress. The natural latex includes some proteins that can be allergic and prone to cause anaphylactic shock which is very rare but should be in mind.


Babies make a lot of wetness while they are sleeping, and this wetness can give rise to fungus or bacteria in the mattress. It is very crucial to stop the moisture from getting into the surface of the mattress, because mold and fungi are hazardous for baby’s health.

A non-toxic waterproof covering is necessary, to eliminate moisture and dust mites from a mattress. For this purpose, plastic can be used, but the problem is not all the plastics are the same. Some of them are toxic and are not environment-friendly, while some of them are non-toxic environment-friendly.


After reading the above details now, we now hope that you are able to make the correct decision. You have all the necessary information in your hand before making a purchase for your nursery, and now you are ready to purchase one. But there is a lot of variety in the market, how would you decide what brand to select what to reject? (You might want to have a look at

Confused again? No need to worry at all. We are here to solve your problem. So, the wait is over and following is a short review of different brands present in the market. We will talk about the more trust worthy and reliable brands that can give you a wise purchase along with the mental satisfaction.


It was founded in 1955 by Ann Wolkin and Sol in Atlanta and now the company is run by their second and third generation family members. The company is famous for manufacturing the best baby cribs mattresses along with some other nursery products. They are well known for making innerspring, portable cribs, best organic crib mattress, and custom mattresses. The company is also manufacturing changing table pads, mattress covers, protectors, comfortable wedges, rectangular and oval cradle pads. Colgate kids know what is needed for babies and toddlers and they are also promoting the concept and practice of safe sleeping with the motto “Dream Safe.” They are running this campaign to educate the parents and caretakers for adopting life-saving safe sleeping practices that can save thousands of lives. As I discussed earlier more than 2000 babies die each year just because of SIDS.

Dream On ME

It was founded in 1988. The Dream On Me DOM Family used to design, manufacture and supply good quality baby products. It is a family-owned business. They have an extensive experience and professional expertise along with strict safety standards that ensure the best quality for their products. They used to manufacture mattress and beds for toddlers in the US. Their foam and innerspring mattresses are patented, which gives them an edge over competitors. Some other products by DOM family are the portable cribs with full size, nursery beds, bassinets, strollers some other toddler products. To DOM family the most important thing is their customer satisfaction. Some brands by the DOM Family are :

  • Dream on Me
  • Mia Moda
  • Evolur Baby
  • Rest Assure Baby

Natural Mart

Founded by Mark and Peter, the foundation of Natural Mart is a very interesting story that is narrated by Peter. Peter said the journey of Natural Mart begins on the high seas where he used to sail in yachts and he just hated that synthetic mattresses in most of the yachts. So, he started to think why not to make a hand-made natural fiber product that will fit in a boat having awkward spaces and a product that won’t sweat. That was the point when Natural Mart idea took birth and when the Mark has a first child so then they took it as light bulb moment and they decided to make a baby mattress. As there is a famous saying that “necessity is the mother of invention” so it is the case of the foundation of Natural Mart.

Mattresses are made in Devon, England by Natural Mart with totally organic material like lamb’s wool, cotton, natural latex foam and coir. The products are made by hand in a factory that is surrounded by green field and the lamb wool is from the local sheep.


Naturepedic was founded 30 years ago by Barry A. Cik, who was an expert in the field environmental engineering. The idea of producing organic non-toxic mattress arrive in his mind first when he went searching for a suitable baby mattress to his grandchild. In the market, he found that all of the crib mattresses are completely unacceptable and contained dangerous chemical ingredients. He decided that he will not put to sleep his grandchild on these mattresses, that was the point when he started to think about producing a non-toxic mattress natural baby mattress.

They are specialized in designing and manufacturing of best quality organic cribs mattresses for babies. The material used in the mattress is naturally organic and toxic free ingredients that provide comfort along with safety.  The Naturepedic organic bedding is more safer and healthier for you and your kids. They manufacture the organic mattresses with a long-lasting, valuable quality expertise. They believe that the mother nature has provided the best material for a comfortable sleep so why not to use natural organic products that don’t have any toxic and petroleum based ingredients? All the organic mattresses have been designed with the expertise of chemists, pediatricians, orthopedic specialists and engineers to be more safer and comfy without any hazardous material.

The mattresses are made in the beautiful Chagrin Falls, Ohio in the GOTS certified factory. There are an extensive level research and design processing in the factory which is coordinated by GEM Testing Engineering Labs in the Cleveland Ohio.

Priva Snoozy

It is now a division of Fiberlinks Textiles Inc. which has been a leader in the industry of manufacturing and a distributor of branded and privately labeled textiles. The international customer base of Fiberlinks Textiles spreads across North America, United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia. They are specialized in making waterproof, Eco-friendly and absorbent textiles of different styles. They have incorporated a huge line of anti-allergen protective bedding sheets and offers 100% cotton knit sheets, organic cotton flannel bedding.  They have an extensive experience of over 30 years at different distribution and retail channels and they possess a deep insight into the evolving global market and its demands.

They provide innovative products, keeping up with the current trends and with high-quality premium products that exceeding customer demands.

Pure Rest Organics

The Pure Rest has been founded in 1992 and is a pure organic company that provides 100% pure organic mattresses. The company is in San Diego, USA. They provide the best mattresses made of cotton, premium quality Eco-Wool and 100% natural latex. They claim to offer purity and quality that’s why they used to test their products material for third-party testing. The certifications and testing can be viewed at the official website of the company in their Certification and Testing section. The company manufactures organic baby products like clothing, diapers, bedding, furniture and even organic pet bedding as well. if you have any queries regarding the purity or anything else you can call or email them anytime as they are offering free customer service.


It has been founded by Daniel Haynes in 1881 in Texas, he was a cotton gin builder and used to make cotton filled mattresses for his friends. His business started to grow rapidly and he started licensing to others to make mattresses with the name of “mattresses from Sealy”. Their products went beyond standards and the mattress from Sealy lasts for years. The mattresses are produced in the US and are highly tested for comfort, quality and support. Their cribs mattresses are sold under the name of Kolcraft.


It is one of the world’s largest mattress producers based in Atlanta. Their products range for adults include the BackCare, Olympic Queen, Beautyrest and Deep Sleep mattresses. Mattresses for kids include Simmons kids, BackCare Kids, and BackCare Baby. Simmons is now working under the Delta Children company which has over 50 years’ experience of making safe and healthy products with a style for the babies, kids, and teens. They also specialize in manufacturing of cribs and baby beds along with a wide range of furniture for the kids of all ages.

Delta Children is said to be the most trusted brand in baby’s nursery list. All the nursery products are being tested beyond the standards to make sure your baby is safe and healthy. Delta Children is also running a Safe Sleep Campaign for the parents and babies.

So, dear parents! At this point now you will have a complete knowledge from top to bottom about the purchase of the best baby mattress for your infant or upcoming baby. Now you are also familiar with the most trusty and well-known manufacturers of baby cribs mattress so you can easily decide which is the best baby crib mattress for your child.

Now you are completely ready to confirm a purchase, but don’t you think something is still missing? You might be thinking that after buying a crib mattress for your baby, how could you keep it safe and healthy? Is there any safety measures to take after you bring a crib mattress at your place? Yes! Of course, there are some safety measures that you must take to use your mattress for a long safe time. Here we go with those safety instructions, just don’t go anywhere.

Some safety instructions

Being a parent, your task is not ended with just the purchase of baby mattress but it has just started as a lot of care is to be taken next. The first thing to be done is to change the sheet cover on regular basis. If you want your mattress to be less prone to dust and liquid particles so clean it on frequent intervals.

You can keep rotating the sides of the mattress so a child can experience the multi-style of the mattress.

Are you conscious about warranty?

Most parents go for warranty of the mattress but I suggest that don’t go for a warranty period because there are many companies that provide more than 15 years warrant. Always focus on the quality and characteristics of the mattress instead of the warranty period.

Using the second-hand mattress

First, I will suggest that don’t go for a used mattress but if you are using a second-hand crib mattress then be cautious with it. There are some researchers that used to link the used mattresses with an increased risk of SIDS, though it had not been confirmed yet but the theories suggest that used mattresses have higher amount of fungal activities and they contain toxic gases that used to cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Expert advice is not to go with the used, old and worn mattresses, especially the one with foam padding, because it increases the potential risk for bacteria growth.

Be cautious with Air mattress

Air mattress is not a safe choice for babies. Its soft surface creates a suffocation hazard. According to CPSC warning “never place infants to sleep on the air mattress or other soft surfaces (such as waterbeds and adult’s beds), which are not specifically designed or safe for infant use.”

Keep the right crib

  • Always look that your crib meets the safety standards defined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC and the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association JPMA.
  • Don’t try to use the crib if the sides go down
  • Keep the crib clean from all sort of toys and stuffed toyed animals

Keep the bed at right place

  • Never place the crib or baby bed near the window, wall-mounted decorative equipment or blinds
  • Never hang anything on or above the crib on a cord
  • Don’t forget to put your baby in crib before going to sleep

Let your baby sleep safely

  • Always lay your baby on their back to avoid risk of SIDS
  • Stomach sleeping cause suffocation and make it harder to breath
  • Beds, sofas, soft surfaces, baby swings or bouncy chairs are not good for baby to sleep so always make sure to return your baby to the safest sleep place
  • Use a baby sleeping suit or sleeping safely for a safe sound sleep all the night


We hope that you enjoyed reading the article and you may find it useful. We tried our level best to provide you with all the necessary information in details that will help you make the right choice for your baby because we realize that your baby is the best and deserves the best baby crib mattress.  Step-wise information has been provided that can cover each question that may arise in your mind.

Always go for the quality, not the price because the price paid for safety and healthy environment. At the end you have a greater peace of mind with your nursery product

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